Post #7 Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence

Post #7                                                Nanotechnology

So what is going on in terms of nanotechnology? A lot more that you might think. Most of it is still in the development stage, but in the next five to ten years, much of what is now in the lab will be on the market. Some examples include nanoparticles that carry chemotherapy through the bloodstream directly to cancer cells; this could make chemotherapy much more effective against the disease. Research into using nanoparticles in solar energy panels could allow for a greater absorption of light and increase the conversion of light to electricity and storage of heat.  Nano-agriculture has a variety of possible benefits such as plant protection, researching plant growth, detecting diseases, and increasing food quality. In addition, nano-technology will soon be used for food packaging with embedded sensors that will allow for tracking and detection of food spoilage.

A whole new discipline of synthetic biology is being developed. With the Crisper-Cas9 process, genes can be deleted, switched around, added, and edited. This will ultimately make it possible for new organisms to be developed that have not existed before. Research has already led to the beginnings of totally new tiny organisms in the lab. Where this will go over the next ten years is difficult to imagine today. The possibilities are many.

Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability of algorithms to provide for a variety of tasks is developing and being implemented all around us on a daily basis. To name a few, machine learning is the development of computers to learn on their own, robotics operate on algorithms through a computer, cyber defense uses algorithms to act as a firewall against hackers, and now, computers are beginning to write articles, reports, blogs and many other more mundane writing requirements.

Retail establishments use algorithms to determine customer interests and needs by following up on their daily purchasing habits. AI can now recognize a face accurately. Research is underway to have a computer, AI, monitor human brain signals with to goal of predicting human thinking. AI makes the personal robot a real possibility as is already seen in a robot such as the automated robot Sophia. AI supports cloud computing, which has created phenomenal support for business, industry, education, banking, and health organizations, to name a few. We are experiencing the first inklings of where AI is going to take us. Hang on for the ride.

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