Post #6 Update on Personal Robots and Bitcoin/Blockchain

Personal Robots

            Personal robots are moving the direction of becoming really personal. That is to say, useful in the home doing household chores or active as companion devices that give comfort or something close to a human relationship. The beginnings of what is to come is appearing on the scene.

            A Chinese company, UBTECH Robotics has developed Walker, an intelligent, two legs, two arms, two hands robot that weighs 170 pounds. Its hands can hold and manipulate objects, it can walk and talk. The latest version can do yoga, play the piano and pour drinks.

            Irobot is a robot cleaning mopper that works on smooth, hard floors. It recharges automatically and can work with Alexa through audio commands.

            Alfawise 60 is a window cleaner that cleans windows similar to a robot vacuum cleaner. It sticks securely to the window as it moves around cleaning it. Interestingly it can remain on the window even if its power gives out.

            Personal Robots are only going to become more helpful in the home. They will become less expensive as they reach Stage 2, the exponential stage, and in the 2020s will be found in most homes. By 2030, they will be a normal part of the household.


            Bitcoin/Blockchain continues its up and down levels of acceptance. It has not disappeared, far from it, but it still is not completely accepted in the financial world. However, some changes may be seen in the near future such as bitcoin and blockchain may break up. The reason for that is bitcoin works with a finite worth of about $8 trillion dollars. That sounds like a lot, but in the world of finance, it is a limiting factor. Blockchain on the other hand is contract process that could work with bitcoin or other monetary types as well.

            Another issue is the fact that China is more pro Bitcoin/Blockchain than the U.S. It may find ways to solve the issues that limit the current method and work out solutions that put China ahead in the use of this system of digital finances. That could have international ramifications.

            So, for now, it is a wait and see situation. The concerns about Bitcoin/Blockchain may forestall the monetary system from ever becoming useful or, if the problems it faces can be solved, it has great potential internationally as well as here in the United States.

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