Post #4 (3-13-20)

This post will discuss the latest update on two of the ten technologies, 3D Printing and Quantum Computing.

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Additive Manufactured housing is developing in many countries. In Tabasco, Mexico for example, an entire subdivision of 500 square foot homes is being developed for low-income families. The homes have two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. (

Mexico may be one of the first to develop an entire community of Additive Manufactured housing, but there are many other countries such as France, Netherlands, Korea, and others that are extremely interested in the possibilities. At present this technology is developing in Stage 1, but Stage 2 is only a few years in the future. Take notice of this technology as it has all the makings of becoming a financial bonanza and educational powerhouse in the near future.

Quantum Computing

In September 2019 Google completed the development of its first quantum computer. It uses quantum bits, qubits, 53 of them for the actual computing. This is a beginning step in the development of quantum computing. Undoubtedly Google will continue down the improvement and upgrade path, but other companies are not far behind.


As an example, IBM is moving rapidly ahead. According to information put out by the company,

“IBM Quantum is an industry-first initiative to build universal quantum computers for business, engineering, and science. This effort includes advancing the entire quantum computing technology stack and exploring applications to make quantum broadly usable and accessible.

With a worldwide network of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts, we are committed to driving innovation for our clients in the IBM Q Network and the extended IBM Quantum Community.” (

Google and IBM are two American companies to keep up with. Right now they are leaders in the development of Stage 1 quantum computing. When quantum computing moves to Stage 2, it has the potential to replace most computing currently being done with classical computers now used in higher education.

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