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As introduction, I am a former community college educator and administrator, having served as president of three community colleges, founding president of one of them, and a state technical system over a period of 23 years. For the past five years I have served as Coordinator and Assistant Professor of the Higher Education Executive Leadership (Ed.D.) program at Wingate University in Wingate North Carolina.


Rowman and Littlefield have published three of my books with a fourth to be published in July 2020. All four of the books have to do with the impact of ten specific technologies on higher education in the 21st century. If you are an administrator, faculty member or student in a community college or university, it is critical that you become aware of ten technologies that are developing mostly in the background in a linear, 20th-century manner, and that will soon develop exponentially, a 21st-century phenomenon.

The published books are:

 Facing an Exponential Future: Technology and the Community College (2018).

Exponential Technologies: Higher Education in an Era of Serial Disruptions (2019).

A Baseline of Development: Higher Education and Technology (2019).

The fourth book, coming out in July 2020, is entitled Student Focused Learning: Higher Education in an Exponential Digital Era. It takes a look at how teaching methodologies will be changing to keep up with the technologies and learning in general. The published books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.

Currently I am working on two more books. One has to do with the planning process needed in higher education for the 21st century and the other one the use of virtual reality in higher education.

Blog Plans

Plans for this blog are to update the reader on the current status of ten technologies, each of which will have an impact in the near future on community colleges and universities. The updates will assist administrators, faculty, and students to better understand when the exponential stage of each technology will begin. That point is especially important as is evidenced by the initial linear growth (Stage 1) and the exponential growth (Stage 2) of Uber and Airbnb. Neither the taxi nor the hotel industries were prepared for the onslaught of those two digitally supported organizations. They are the “canaries” in the business, health and education worlds pointing to change that happens extremely rapidly and without warning.

Warning Bells

This blog will make every attempt to sound the warning bells before the exponential phase of the technologies take place. What are those 21st-century technologies? 3D Printing, The Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Personal Robots, Human Genome, Agricultural Genome, Nano-Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. These technologies have the potential to change our business, health and educational worlds as well as our daily living and working.

My goal is to provide assistance to higher ed faculty, administrators and students in making sense of what is about to impact us.

Check-in regularly.

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