About the book

The published books are:

 Facing an Exponential Future: Technology and the Community College (2018).

Exponential Technologies: Higher Education in an Era of Serial Disruptions (2019).

A Baseline of Development: Higher Education and Technology (2019).

Student Focused Learning: Higher Education in an Exponential Digital Era (2020).

About the author

Darrel W. Staat is past president of two technical colleges in Maine and one community college in Virginia before he assumed the presidency of the South Carolina Technical College System. Currently he serves as Professor and Coordinator of the Ed.D. Community College Executive Leadership Program at Wingate University (Ballantyne Campus) in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Post #7 Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence

Post #7                                                Nanotechnology So what is going on in terms of nanotechnology? A lot more that you might think. Most of it is still in the development stage, but in the next five to ten years, much of what is now in the lab will be on the market. Some examples include nanoparticles …

Post #6 Update on Personal Robots and Bitcoin/Blockchain

Personal Robots             Personal robots are moving the direction of becoming really personal. That is to say, useful in the home doing household chores or active as companion devices that give comfort or something close to a human relationship. The beginnings of what is to come is appearing on the scene.             A Chinese company, …