About the book

The published books are:

 Facing an Exponential Future: Technology and the Community College (2018).

Exponential Technologies: Higher Education in an Era of Serial Disruptions (2019).

A Baseline of Development: Higher Education and Technology (2019).

Student Focused Learning: Higher Education in an Exponential Digital Era (2020).

About the author

Darrel W. Staat is past president of two technical colleges in Maine and one community college in Virginia before he assumed the presidency of the South Carolina Technical College System. Currently he serves as Professor and Coordinator of the Ed.D. Community College Executive Leadership Program at Wingate University (Ballantyne Campus) in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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Autonomous Cars Automobile manufacturers around the world are working hard at developing operational autonomous cars. The self-driving automobile design and implementation are moving along at a rapid speed. Apple has designed an autonomous car but is unwilling to get into the car business directly. They are working with a number of automobile manufacturers who have …